CONVERSION ENGINEERING is an online only business which sells digitally delivered factory authorized auto repair manuals. We conducted a quick round of user research and data analysis and quickly identified key areas that were acting as conversion road blocks. Within 6 months we had increased site-wide conversion rates by 98%.

What does the customer really want?

Through our heuristic evaluation and Google analytics data, we identified the primary bottle neck on the site. Once visitors selected the make/model/year of their car, they were directed to a pre-purchase page specific to that car. This page was not adequately addressing customer questions and concerns.

Based on this data, we created several test variations designed to fix these issues.

After just four tests, we found a combination of new design + copy that lifted conversions 30%.

Interating + more research

While happy with the 30% bump, we had expected a larger increase from addressing the issues found in our research. We knew there must be more going on under the surface that customers had not told us yet.

After another round of customer research and interviews, we unconvered additional fears and conerns that visitors initially found difficult to express or were just not concious of. This data informed the next 5-6 tests.

The next 5-6 tests were smaller in scope, but had a much larger impact since they addressed the deeper questions and concerns of our visitors. Overall, these tests produced a 78% lift.

98% uplift in 6 months

After 6 months of interative and strategic testing, our test & optimization program lifted site-wide conversions by 98%.