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At Conversion Engineering, I focus on driving growth using deep research, analytics, great design, conversion focused copywriting & A/B testing.


More Than Just A/B Testing

Optimization – User Research – UX Design – Copywriting

Continuous Conversion Optimization is For

  1. Established / rapidly growing companies
  2. eCommerce
  3. SaaS apps
  4. Info Products
  5. Conversion focused websites

Conversion Audit is Designed For

  1. Any business looking to quickly identify their top conversion killers
  2. Businesses considering a continuous optimization program, but wondering about its potential ROI

Landing Page Makeover is For

  1. Start-ups needing a high converting landing page
  2. PPC advertisers needing tailored LP's for specific keywords
  3. Low converting LP's needing a makeover
Jon Vorsik
Brandon is one of those guys who immediately adds value when you involve him in your business. I was lucky to find him and would recommend him to anyone who is interested in optimizing their website or landing page for conversions. His knowledge of testing methodology and his ability to take ownership of a project have been highly valuable, and we’ve seen dramatic wins.

Continuous Conversion Optimization


I identify where your website is leaking money through intelligent, research and data driven testing. I create optimized design, copy & UX/UI with extensive iterative & strategic tests. Everything I do is designed to improve user experience and generate higher returns from your website traffic.

DO THE MATH: If your online profits are $250k a year and I ONLY increase conversions by 30% in 12 months (we've never hit such a low number), then our services would have paid for itself 2X OVER.


My minimum commitment period is three months. This three months starts after an initial research phase of two to four weeks. This research is critical to achieving great results quickly.

The data collected will identify problem areas, current on-site behaviour, customer motivations, influnces, friction points, etc and form my test hypotheses, which are turned into A/B tests during these 3 months. Since it is extremely rare to see breakthrough results with a single test, we'll create a full iterative (rinse, repeat) test plan. This will deliver the best results as I constantly learn about your audience and your site.

My conversion optimisation methodology is flexible and allows me to mold the program to your specific needs. I don't just take a 'test everything' approach. I only test things if they have a chance of significantly improving revenue or whatever kpi is most important to you.

Sometimes these tests will be small. Often, these tests will be much more strategic and test a fundamental aspect of your business. Real growth often comes from testing and changing big things, and I will not shy away from that.

After the initial three months is over, I can continue month to month until there is no longer a positive ROI on this service


I work with companies big and small. My continuous optimization program is best for established businesses who have:

  • Annual online profits of $250,000 or higher (or get leads worth as much)
  • 1000+ conversions a month


Conversion Audit

(Find your big conversion killers)

Need someone to look at your site and identify the biggest conversion killing problems? Using analytics and rapid UX/customer research, I'll find the holes that are leaking revenue so you can fix them. Typical engagements only last a few weeks.

Analytics & Research Deep Dive

I first start with qualitative research of your visitors using specially designed surveys and on-site QA. Once we have the results, we unleash our geeky side that loves to dive deep into your website’s analytics data. Here we’ll use nerdy words like:

  • Analytics health check
  • Heuristical Analysis
  • UX/ UI Analysis
  • Visitor & conversion flow

Get insights on what is and isn't working

  • Where are the hidden opportunities?
  • What parts of your site are turning off potential customers?
  • What parts of your website are performing well and can be replicated?

Know how to fix any problems discovered

  • What tests should you run?
  • What has the greatest opportunity for big revenue growth?
  • How can these insights be used in your other marketing efforts (ppc, content, etc)

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Conversion Focused Landing Pages

Your landing page has one purpose – to generate leads or customers. My team will create from scratch or makeover your landing page using proven conversion optimization, usability research and persuasion techniques.

I have 15 years experience creating landing pages for PPC and other traffic sources. We've run millions of dollars worth of adwords, facebook, and banner traffic and generated even more revenue from them. I know what what to say, how to organize it, how long the page should be, etc. I simply know what works.

You'll get a landing page that both looks great AND (more importantly) is designed sell your product or service. Every word in the copywriting, every image, and the entire flow of information on the landing page is carefully planned, analyzed and based on years of testing knowledge.

Like the testing program, I pull in a team of extremely good conversion copywriters, graphic & UX/UI designers to help create a very high performing landing page.

Nothing I do is guess work. It’s all about the right methodology. I create landing pages by:

  • Understanding your offer, ads, traffic sources, business goals, etc
  • Researching current customers and people who didn't buy
  • Focusing on great conversion copywriting
  • Building wireframes
  • Designing a beautiful UI
  • Addressing customer concerns
  • Reducing friction
  • Clarifying messages and value propositions
  • Eliminating distraction

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